Renaissance Revival: Artful Interior Design

From grand castles and stone archways to cream-colored sofas and ornate wooden mantles, Medieval Europe’s legacy is most visible through modern Renaissance-revival architecture and interior design. Known for its unique blend of lavish luxuries, artful patterns, and sophisticated shapes, this classic style is the perfect way to bring a touch of elegance to your home. For art lovers and history buffs alike, a home adorned in the timeless charm of Renaissance Revival atmosphere is an ode to art and beauty.

1. Reinvigorate Your Home with Renaissance Revival

Give Your Home a New Look

Bring the timeless beauty and dignified atmosphere of the Renaissance period into your home. Renaissance Revival is a style of interior design that is both minimalist and grand. It is perfect for anyone looking to reinvigorate their home with an exquisite, yet subtle aesthetic. The most notable aspects of Renaissance Revival are as follows:

  • Classical architectural elements
  • Luxurious materials
  • Geometric shapes
  • Bright, neutral shades

The main design goals of Renaissance Revival is to incorporate elements of timelessness and never-ending beauty. Items that reflect the grandeur of the period, such as gold accents, can be used throughout the home. Incorporate geometric shapes and patterns that reference the Italian Renaissance, to give the home a modern, yet classic feel. For example, architectural details such as high ceilings, arched doorways, and large windows are common in the Renaissance Revival style.

2. Affecting Elegance Through Artfully Exuberant Design

It takes a certain finesse to perfectly blend rawness and finesse in design. To create a design that evokes a unique emotion while maintaining a certain elegance is no easy task. But it is possible to manifest artfully exuberant design – one that evokes an untamed energy while maintaining the class and sophistication of a tasteful composition.

The secret to achieving this lies in balance. Asymmetrical layouts and powerful contrast can combine to create a disorderly yet dynamic design, while judicious col

3. Craft a Space With Timeless Treasures From the Renaissance Era

Adding elements from the Renaissance era to a space can make it tranform from dull to dynamic. If you’re looking for a timelessly elegant touch, here are some of the go-to items to consider:

  • Vaults and coffers. A decorative lidded container was commonly used for storing linens in the Renaissance era. Today, you can use them as a place to store items like blankets or board games in a living room.
  • Art pieces. Evidence of the Renaissance period is seen in its beautiful artwork – full of vibrant colours and decorative elements. Hang a painting or frame an embroidery display to add an extra touch of class to the space.
  • Chest or coffers. A chest was a staple storage item of the Renaissance period. Style it at the end of the bed or near a sofa to use it as a coffee table or hide away extra pillows and throws.
  • Embellished furniture. For a bold and intricate look, choose furniture pieces with ornamental carvings. Artisans of the Renaissance period often produced chairs, tables, bed frames and more with intricate designs that range from lions and leaves to trees and twirls.

Don’t forget about the decorative items that bring balance and character to the room. Shop for accent pieces such as ceramics, pottery, sculptures, and even musical instruments to bring an added essence of this magical era.

4. Bringing the Glamour of a Bygone Age Into Your Home

Recreating the glamour and elegance of a bygone age in your own home is not as difficult as it sounds. There are a few simple, yet sophisticated touches you can add to give your interiors a little extra glamour.

  • Mixing modern and antique pieces: By bringing together a selection of classical and more contemporary pieces, you can create a timeless interior, full of character and charm.
  • Accessorize with velvet: Velvet is a material that never really goes out of style. For an elegantly chic look and to add a touch of luxury and richness, accessorize your décor with velvet. Whether it’s cushions or curtains – it’s sure to add a touch of sophistication.

Subtle use of colours and plenty of candles are key ingredients to achieve the glamour of a bygone age. Adding a few touches of gold will instantly add polish and refinement. These design elements, put together with flair and confidence, can help you recreate the glamour of a previous era with ease.

Bringing Renaissance Revival into your house is a way to recapture an old-world charm, while giving your interior design a sophisticated and individualized flair. With a little creative effort and a healthy dose of imagination, you can enjoy the timeless beauty of Renaissance craftsmanship and artistry in your home, creating a classic and unique space just for you.