Traditional Meets Timeless: Decorating with Antiques

Typically, when we think of decorating, we think of furniture and accessories that are the latest trend, but why not go back in time? Bringing together the old classical style with the modern flair of today creates a timeless and unforgettable decor. Join us as we explore how to decorate with antiques, and how to modernize them to match any stylish home.

1. Melding Old and New – Decorating with Antiques

When furnishing a home, blending modern indulgence with vintage character can give the interiors an unmistakable charm.

Give Current Furniture an Antique Feel

  • Vintage upholstery on an armchair can provide a fresh twist to the seating.
  • Placing period door and window trim for a more classic look.
  • Using a distressed style on cabinetry and furniture.
  • Painting furniture with a patina style finish.

Decorate with Antique Accessories

  • Bring in an antique clock, mirror or painting to give the walls an old-world feel.
  • Display a vintage vase and china pieces on pedestals, mantles and shelves.
  • Make a statement with a table arrangement of vintage teacups and plates.
  • Complement the decor with a set of candelabras, sconces and oil lamps.

Adding antiques to a room brings a unique style that translates from any era. Major elements such as furniture can be given antique treatment or vintage touches can be added with smaller pieces. With the right accents, a little bit of history can become part of the present.

2. Grandeur and Elegance: Uniting Vintage with Modern

Vintage and modern come together in a beautiful union as timeless artistry boldly greets contemporary design with effortless grace. In this marriage of eras, grandeur and elegance are never forgotten.

As you explore the possibilities of vintage and modern, a world of enchantment unfurls. Consider:

  • Flourish and Finesse – Decorative details straight out of the past inspired by grandiose eras add a layer of romantic subtleness to any modern decor.
  • Austerity and Balance – Clean lines, structured silhouettes and a touch of gold or silver bring a delicate equilibrium between past and present.
  • Complexity and Contrast – By juxtaposing vivid textures and vibrant hues, depth is achieved and a look that is seemingly of two eras becomes truly timeless.

Where modern and vintage meet, the possibilities of grandeur and elegance are harmoniously intertwined to create a look that is at once muted and luxurious.

3. Some Tips to Consider When Combining Antiques and Contemporary Pieces

When it comes to mixing antique and contemporary design, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. Here are some of the top guidelines to consider:

  • Choose a Color Palette: When blending antiques and contemporary pieces, think about the color palette you want to use. Choose one or two harmonious colors and stick to them throughout the space.
  • Balance Accuracy with Organic Shapes: Give a bit of contrast to your décor with both geometric, symmetrical shapes and organic, asymmetrical shapes. This will create an interesting mix of antique and contemporary elements.

Another way to blend these two approaches is to experiment with different textures. Begin with a neutral color palette that features some tactile elements. Then layer in other materials such as linen or velvet. With the right combination of textures, your antique and contemporary pieces will look cohesive and comfortable.

4. A Timeless Look – Redefining Your Home with the Perfect Blend

It can all start with one little piece. Just one beautiful item can be all you need to reinvigorate your entire home decor. With a timeless look, the perfect blend is easier than ever to achieve. Here we take a look at a few simple steps that can help you redefine your home with the perfect redefined look.

  • Add a statement piece: A dynamic furniture piece can seamlessly bring your entire room together. Maybe it’s a contemporary sofa, or a shag rug, or a modern-style chair. It’s all about making a bold statement and standing out.
  • Don’t forget the color: Colors are an important part of any look. Bold colors can really make a statement, while neutral colors can offer a more timeless feel. Make sure to pick colors that fit your personality, but don’t forget to mix in subtle hues as well to add contrast.
  • Mix it up: You can’t make a statement without taking risks. Mix different textures and finishes like glass or metal, and varying patterns. Play around with contrasting shapes to really get the perfect blend and let your personality shine.

Once you’ve found the perfect item, the perfect blend is achievable. Take a unique approach and find a timeless look in your space by redefining your home with the perfect blend. The results can speak for themselves.

Whether you are looking for a piece with a rich history or just a timeless classic, antique decor has it all, and can offer a unique character to your home. Take the time to explore the options and bring the past into your present with traditional and timeless antique elements.