Shining in the Classics: Incorporating Metallic Accents

If you’re looking to add a touch of classic elegance to your wardrobe, then consider incorporating metallic accents. Shine in the classics by bringing a touch of sparkle and glamour to your style. Add a hint of glimmer to your look with chic golden jewelry and statement pieces. Whether you choose subtle shimmer or head-turning glam, metallic accents will elevate your look for that perfect classic touch.

1. Glimmer in the Classics: Adding a Contemporary Touch

A Timeless Look for Your Home

The classic look found in décor is timeless, bringing a warm and comfortable feel to your home. But many homeowners like to add a contemporary touch to those classic pieces, to make it even more personal, creating a unique and stylish look. There are plenty of ways to give your home that fresh, modern twist.

  • Mix and match different fabric patterns, materials and textures, like wood grain and metal with velvet and linen
  • Use silhouettes and examples of graphic design to upgrade existing furniture pieces, such as chairs and drawers, in your living and dining rooms
  • Choose furniture and home accessories in a mix of different shapes and sizes for added intrigue and interest

Adding this modern touch to your furnishing and décor will bring your home to a whole new level and create a welcoming, updated environment for family and friends.

2. Shine Bright with Metallic Accents

Go bold with your accessories this season and jazz up your look with metallic glints! Choose silver and gold items to give your wardrobe some shimmer this season. To make sure you stay on-trend, try out these pieces:

  • A shiny metallic belt to cinch your dress
  • A pair of gold earrings that are both stylish and timeless
  • A bold metallic mid-heel pair of shoes
  • A statement satchel bag with a pebbled metallic finish

Using gradient tones is another great way to stay on-trend. From rose gold to gunmetal gray, why not try to mix two different metallic tones for an edgy style. Wear with bronzed makeup for a complete statement look. Two key items we recommend are a structured metallic blazer and a tasseled silver sandal. Together these elements will give you an effortlessly glitzy finish.

3. Dare to Sparkle: Create Magnetic Interiors

The modern home décor has shed the era of muted tones, decorating with a mix of neutrals, and sculptured, uninspired furniture that all starts to melt into one bland look. Look no further than the daring, yet magnetic interiors that turn heads.

From scrapbook walls that are filled with fabulously framed photos, to furnishings that boast a beguiling twinkle, dare to make a style splash by following these foolproof tips for sparking up the place:

  • Meet Metallics: Accent with glitzy gold for a chic touch, use bold bronze for an edgier look, and add a bronze-dot wallpaper to your walls for an aura of mystery.
  • Backdrop Brilliance: Catch the eye with a deep, blue wall and splashes of brightening peach, while a white ceiling brings warm and clarity to the look.
  • Velvet Accents: Your sofa and chairs become favorites when luxe velvet fabric adds captivating color and texture.
  • Crystallize: Uplift your room with crystal fixtures and pieces, from candle holders to dangling pendants.

Bring a magnetic charm to your home; dare to create interiors that sparkle beyond belief!

4. Letting the Light Shine In: Making the Most of Metallic Accents

Chances are, you’ve seen someone accessorizing with a glint of metallic – maybe it’s an arm cuff or a necklace that catches the light just so. But when it comes to home design, you don’t want to be too gaudy with your metallic accents – the key is to make them a subtle, eye-catching touch that balances out the rest of the decor. Here’s how to make the most of metallic accents in your home:

Go For Flattering Shades – Start by seeking out metallic pieces that don’t clash with the shades that populate the rest of your room. For a vintage-inspired look, traditional metals like gold, bronze and silver are always timeless. But these days you can mix it up with richer, more modern-feeling materials such as rose gold or brushed copper. Of course, don’t forget brass, which goes great with almost any style of decor.

  • Consider the Other Details
  • A Little Goes a Long Way

Consider the Other Details – Once you’ve chosen a metal to work with, consider what other accents in the room share that hue. If you already have other elements of rose gold, for example, look for pieces that complement them in small ways. Something as simple as a rose gold chair leg or dainty drawer pulls can make all the difference in the end result.

A Little Goes a Long Way – Finally, remember that when it comes to metallic accents, less is sometimes more. If you go overboard with gilded mirror frames or bronze bowls it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. Instead, aim for a few well-placed pieces that draw the eye without overpowering the room.

The use of metallic accents in your home can add a unique dimension to your style. Whether you mix them with rustic elements or allow them to shine on their own, metallic accents are guaranteed to add a sparkle to your décor. Find the perfect option for you and get the look of a true classic.