Classic Design – Ideas for New Builds

It is no surprise that classic design is timeless. That is why it fits so well into modern builds, whether they be your home, office, restaurant, or retail space. With its graceful curves, sleek lines, and grounded colours, classic design can make any space feel sophisticated and inviting. But what should you consider when trying to bring classic design into a new build? In this article, we will help you come up with some great classic design ideas to make your build stand out!

1) Timeless Style: A Fresh Look at Classic Design

Defining a Classic

A classic is defined as something that has been in existence and accepted for a long period of time. In the world of design, this would include styles that have been undeterred by modern progressions, while at the same time being just as alluring and aesthetically pleasing.

From Timeless to Trendy

Styles that come to mind when referencing classic design include:

  • Mid-century modern
  • Scandinavian single tone interiors
  • Gilded wood furniture
  • Traditional tiling

While these styles remain classic, that does not mean that they are any less appreciated in modern-day. In fact, people are finding ways to spruce up these staples in order to make them feel brand new and on-trend! Whether it’s by adding vibrant colors or accent furnishings, your classic design can become something that feels fresh and trendy.

2) Crafting a Modern Home With Traditional Inspiration

Making a home cosy and inviting doesn’t mean you have to stick to one style. Mixing modern and traditional furniture can create an interesting and stylish display. Try pairing traditional wooden chairs with a more contemporary table. Matching geometric designed curtains with ornate, patterned wallpaper. Or adding a classic styled mirror to a simple, contemporary living room. Have fun with colours and patterns, for instance, a bold floral rug against a patterned wall. Thoughtful accessories such as vintage lamps or vases can bring the whole look together.

  • Turning a House into a Home

Putting your own spin on traditional pieces can help bring a modern touch to your home. For example, repaint those vintage chairs with a colourful, glossy finish to make them more vibrant. Or add a personalised element to the walls, such as a graphic wall hanging that you created yourself. Consider adding statement pieces throughout the house, like a striking sideboard or a colourful poster in the bathroom. Bring memories and comfort to the space by displaying photos in mismatched frames in prominent spots. Together, these features can help create a modern home with a traditional feel.

3) The Undeniable Charm of Old-World Construction

Recently, cities and towns have seen a huge push towards modern architecture. But there’s something undeniably charming about the old-world construction that predates the modern age. The cut stone, the red bricks, and the aged beams have a timeless, rustic beauty that can still be found in many places.

Take a stroll through an old city and you’ll feel the rustic aura emanating from the old streets. The way the buildings huddle together, the little gardens and walkways in between, the faded signs of the shops still open from centuries ago. It’s a feeling like no other that modern developments can’t seem to replicate, as if time has stopped for a moment to capture this glimmer of history.

  • Cut Stone – quarry stones hand-selected and carved to perfection
  • Red Bricks – a unique clay material that allows buildings to stand constantly against the elements
  • Aged Beams – relics of construction that remain strong and sturdy despite the passing of centuries

4) Bringing the Classics into the 21st Century

The timeless stories of our beloved classics are inarguably some of the richest sources of entertainment and cultural enrichment. But don’t let their old-fashioned title fool you, these classic pieces of work can easily undergo a modern makeover for the 21st century audience.

Here are some ways to turn those oldie-but-goodie stories into amazing, tech-savvy fables for this new era:

  • Adapting the classic stories to suit changing tastes, trends, and social dynamics. Addressing modern-day themes, such as gender and racial equality, can also give classics a much-needed facelift.
  • Incorporating more relevant technologies that young people are familiar with — such as video-games, virtual reality, and social media — can make classic stories more engaging and relatable.
  • Freshening up the classic stories with relevant humour and musical references can help make them more delightful and entertaining, while still maintaining the original essence and charm.

Now more than ever, it is possible to maintain the cultural relevance of our beloved classics, while also breathing new life and a sense of renewal and appreciation into them. With a modern facelift, classic stories could become everyone’s favourite again!

Modern builders, get inspired by classics and make your new builds your own. Take the time to explore different classic designs, experiment with architectural elements to create something unique. You can take traditional designs and twist them up with modern elements to make classic-but-contemporary designs that will stand the test of time. Let’s reimagine the classic build to create something new and beautiful.