Bringing Back the Manor: Classic Design Ideas

Throughout the centuries, manors have served not only as a place of residence but also as a timeless representation of wealth and prestige. But with the current trends leaning towards clean and modern designs, the elegance of the manor’s traditional style has faded. Fortunately, this is far from the end if you know how to … Read more

Creating Timeless Elegance for a Farmhouse Home

With its cozy atmosphere, relaxed setting and traditional charm, the farmhouse home has been an enduring favorite among home interior enthusiasts for many years. But what do you do if you want your farmhouse home to be truly timeless; one that stands the test of time in terms of both its design and its appeal? … Read more

Modern Style Meets Classic Charm: Ideas for a Mid-Century Home

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Modernizing a Classic: Interior Design in Historic Homes

History and modern design can be a beautiful combination. Take a step back in time while discovering ways to update and revive classic interior design in historic homes. Whether you’re renovating a home that has been in your family for centuries, or looking to give a new lease of life to an old property, embracing … Read more