Chalet Chic: Styling a Classic Interior Design

The term ‘Chalet Chic’ is the perfect combination of rustic and cozy, where the classic cabin feels of a traditional chalet meets modern interior design. This beloved interior style is consistently one of the most requested to designers, and has put many a home over the top in terms of style and comfort. Here, we … Read more

Bringing ‘Classic’ Style to Your Home’s Interior Design

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The Timeless Touch: Classic Design Ideas For the Modern Home

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Classic Design Ideas for Tiny Spaces

When you live in a tight, cozy space, you have to get creative with your home decor. With limited measurements, you can still make the most of your area and craft a classic, attractive, yet functional space. Whether you want to create a haven of bohemian chic or a minimalist paradise, here are some classic … Read more

Classic Furniture: Choosing the Right Pieces

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Classic Style for a Bungalow Makeover

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Mixing Classic and Modern Styles: Interior Design Options

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Classic Interior Design with a Creative Twist

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Timeless Elegance: Classic Interior Design for a Historic Home

For those looking to fill their historic home with timeless style, classic interior design is the ideal choice. With its rich textures and simple designs, classic interior design turns your home into a luxurious escape from the modern world. From wood paneling and sophisticated furnishing, to timeless accents and rich hues, classic interior design is … Read more