Handy Guide: Building Your Own Birdhouse

Building your own birdhouse is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Not only will it give you a beautiful addition to your yard, it also gives you the opportunity to make a home for the birds in your area. To make sure you build the perfect birdhouse for birds and your backyard, this handy guide is here to help you every step of the way! Let’s get started!

1. Let’s Begin “Building Your Own Birdhouse”: A Handy Guide

  • Gather all the Materials

Whether you’re a beginning carpenter or an experienced handyman, building a basic birdhouse is a great way to get started with a project that will bring joy to your outdoor space. Before you begin, take some time to gather all the materials you will need: wood, screws, hammer, paint, saw and an assortment of nuts, bolts and nails.

  • Design the Shape

Now, take the wood you have collected and design the shape of your birdhouse. It doesn’t have to be a complicated shape to suit your bird’s tastes, a basic four-sided house with a triangle peaked roof will do perfectly. You can add little personal touches with a few curves here and there if you’d like, just make sure to measure it carefully before you begin cutting.

2. Gather Your Materials and Form Your Design

You’ve got the pressure of creativity on your mind, the spark of passion in your fingertips. Now you’ll need the tools and materials to make your vision a reality. A project’s success depends not just on the ideas and drive, but also the resources and materials mustered to make it all happen.

So get your team or your toolbox in order and form the backbone of your design. Think of what materials you need and grab the following:

  • Pencils and paper for drawing up the designs your mind conjures up
  • Saw and sandpaper for cutting and shaping your material pieces
  • Fasteners like screws and nails to assemble your project

As you gather your gear and materials, shape your design and vision. Think of all the possibilities and endless outcomes your setup provides!

3. Assemble Your Birdhouse Piece-by-Piece

You have all of your pieces and now you are ready to start turning those pieces into an amazing birdhouse!

Start by assembling the small pieces first. Use wood glue to attach the back of the birdhouse, the sides and the roof. Allow time for the glue to dry, and then attach the front piece to keep the birdhouse structure together. Once this part is done, you can move on to assembling the piece to professionally finish your birdhouse. Here comes the fun part!

  • Attach the birdhouse perch
  • Add the entrance holes
  • Choose a roof color and decor
  • Paint the birdhouse body colors
  • Add outer decor pieces like vines, wood accents and more!

Each of these pieces adds to the beauty and charm of your masterpiece, so take your time and pick out just the right elements to create your perfect birdhouse.

4. Finishing Touches for Your Feathered Friends

We fussed over the borders of our feathered friend’s space and painted the walls perfectly. Now comes the fun part! To make it extra cozy for your new pet and so that you can enjoy the decor too, we’ll add finishing touches!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Perches – give them places to land and also cultivate their balance by using irregularly shaped branches and other interesting surfaces.
  • Toys – depending on the type of bird, there are numerous toys to choose from that provide mental stimulation and opportunity to play.
  • Visuals – who says birds don’t appreciate art? Give them something colorful and fun to look at.

Unlike most traditional pet supplies, most of the items to add a personal touch to our feathered friend’s home can be upcycled from everyday items. Experiment with home-made ornaments, dress the cage with surprising elements, and have fun with decorations make it an inviting and original space for both of you!

Now that you have your birdhouse all set, you can proudly display your very own feathered masterpiece—built by you! Enjoy the chirps of happy birds every day and take pleasure in your handy work.